Sunday, September 17, 2006

Answerbag has a widget for your blog has the answer to Yahoo answers. I've never used "answer" that many times in a sentence before today. Anyhow, Answerbag, from the start, has some cool features. Number one in my book is the blog widget. You can see what people are asking and give answers from a blog widget. Any widget peaks my interest, but really functional widgets that require user interaction are my favorite. This is damn near an Answerbag badge. Who knows it might just be.

Answers are voted on to eliminate the crap and put a shine on the relevant, useful info. How can you go wrong with thousands of people giving you the truth. I believe that, in the future, sites like Answerbag will merge with social shopping sites like ThisNext.
Beware, the company, that puts out sub-standard products/service. Your time is almost over.

Widget example in left sidebar.

See live AnswerBag Badge here (main)
Answerbag widget (about)
Answerbag widget (code set-up)

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