Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've installed the "This Next" widget...

I have put the "This Next" widget/badge on my blog. In principal it's a good idea but the script dramatically slowed down Sitestuff.
This is no good!
What to do...
I like the idea behind the widget/badge but it think "This Next" needs to offer other widgets that don't suck bandwidth.
I suppose I could grab the FEED for my "This Next" favorites and drop it into one of the cookin' RSS box widgets found in the links on the right...hmmm...

view live This Next Badge here

Instead, I went to my "ThisNext" account and unchecked most of the widget/badge options. This boosted the speed alot...Now I won't complain about it anymore. But I still like the idea of offering other widget/badge options.

Secret option #3 I dropped the code into a Google pages page. This has less effect on the performance of SiteStuff

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