Monday, September 18, 2006

So you want to display your favorite feed.

RSS/Feeds are all the rage. They have been for awhile. You have decided to put an RSS widget on your blog. You want all of your readers to see what interests you. This is fun!
Until you run into the field that asks you for the "feed URL" Where are you going to find the "feed URL" ? It's not likely to be prominently displayed on the home page of your favorite blog. You will probably find buttons that say "subscribe to my feed" or "RSS" or any number of other things. But this still doesn't help you find the "feed URL" you need for your RSS widget.

There are ways to get the "feed URL"
1. email the webmaster for it (could take days).
2. click on the subscribe/RSS button and hope that the "feedURL" appears in your address bar.
3. download and use a "Feed Reader" then figure out how to add a "feed" then search for the "feed URL"
4. If you are using Firefox browser or a browser with similar RSS capabilities. Firefox lets you know if the blog/site you are currently at, has a feed. There is a small RSS button in the address bar. If you click on this it will ask if you want to" add this feed or some such" and it will ask you where (in Bookmarks) click ok. Now go to this "feed bookmark" right click on it and view the properties. There you will see the "feed URL" right click on the URL, then select all, right click on it again and select copy. Now go to your RSS widget and paste the "feed URL" into the field.

Now you just need add the code to your blogs html.

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