Monday, September 25, 2006

No More Updates This Is A Redirect

This site will automatically redirect you to Widgetslab the new and improved Sitestuff . If it does not redirect automatically please click here

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

New name new location

I didn't wait long to get a new name and address for this blog. If everything worked out as I have planned, you will find Site Stuff relocated at

Please update your links to point to
and from this point on if you link to widgetslab let me know so I can link to you.
Thanks again for your support.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

A name change

A friend, Tim Post has suggested a name change for this blog. Something to get it more notice. A few ideas come to mind but what I really need is some input from the people. So if you would be kind, please leave comments with your ideas.

| ______ digg IT popular! has very cool widgets for your blog. (it made 4 categories on this blog) They offer an embeddable display for your photos. They also integrate TuneFeed player into their whole "Mashup". The mp3 player is also embeddable in a website. is a socializing site where you can browse other users, rate their photos and playlists. You can embed any users photos or playlists in your blog if you wish. (main)
TuneFeed (main)
Faces post by Mashable
Faces post bt Techcrunch

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 is an fun widget. It's easy to use and FREE. Also there is no sign-up needed. You can register if you want to edit your "slide" or you can allways make a new one.
I had to make one and post the results. It was too easy. I'm used to wandering around a site trying to find what I'm looking for. Not this time. It was all right there easy to understand.
Slide also makes it very easy to load your custom slide to the platform of your choice. Such as MySpace, Blogger or a bunch of others. I assume you need to supply a username and password for this feature. I prefer to add the code myself and they make that easy as well.
I'd give five stars but everyone uses stars. How about five Butterscotch puddings? Hmmmm...that sounds good. (main) (create slide)

p.s. Before being able to put this in my post I had to close the embed tag. BEWARE this could take a half pudding.

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This Zebo doesn't have stripes

I saw Zebo at FLYING SEEDS

Zebo wants you to invite your friends using your gmail,MSN,Yahoo etc. login information. Thats scary.(they say it's not stored. It's just used to make your life easier) Hey here's my social security info and how about my DNA, finger prints, address etc...
The whole idea here is to show off the stuff you have. Then list the things that you want. I know what I want...I want the first thirty thieves to read this and then figure out where I am, then pay me a visit! (even though my stuff is pretty much worthless)
Yes, I signed up. Just to see the options and figure out if you could put their photo strip on a blog of your choice. After mucking around the site for a few I decided to quit and here is the parting message... (see pic)

Zebo (main)
Mashable Zebo opinion

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sometimes Blogger scares me

Like today. I'm trying to log in and things seem slow (like a blog with too much java script)
So I manage to login and get to the part I'm trying to edit and then save. Now it's turtle slow (maybe snail) then I get this page... (see pic from 1993 or at least that is what it looks like)
Where did this come from?

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Technorati Favorite blogs widget

Technorati, the site bloggers love, has a couple of widgets for your blog. This may be old news to you, but it is still a widget for your blog (I just need to find a category for it... hmmm I know...see if you can find it.

The first is a simple script allowing you to put a "Add me to your Technorati Favorites" link on your blog. (you may see this on the upper right)

script here

The second is an iframe source that allows you to display your favorites on your blog. There is an alternate version of this iframe that also displays your favorites recent posts. (like an RSS ticker but with a technorati logo/link and search capabilities.)

codes here
Technorati (main)
A review here

It seems that the screen shots I took have some sexual content. oops, the only favorite I had at the time happened to be posting some funny crap.
Check it out here

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Displaying HTML in a post. Second edition

Using the tools found at you can "encode" HTML for display in a post.

Now we are going to put that code in a box. The size of the box is up to you. It should hold all of the HTML you put into it.

This is the "text area" box code (copy and paste it if you wish)

<textarea rows=5 cols=30>The information you want displayed in the box is simply inserted between the greater than/less than symbols. If I wanted to list a code for you to copy...this is how I would want to do it.</textarea></center>

the center tags just center the box in your post.
to adjust the size of the box simply adjust the numbers associated with "rows" and "cols"
your "encoded" HTML code needs to be placed between the angle brackets.(where text is now)
publish your post! HTML/encode (main)

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Monday, September 18, 2006

SiteStuff link Sticker?


Here is the code

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Yahoo Answers has badges for your blog!

Yesterday I wrote about the Answerbag badge and today I ran into the Yahoo Answers (YA) badges.
YA badges consist of a flash badge with three options that deal with size and orientation.(this badge opens links via pop-up)

YA also offers an HTML/Java badge that is customizable. Size, color etc...(this badge opens a new tab/window)

Ya also offers a simple image badge that acts as a link to the site.

These badges will allow you to display the questions that you have asked or you can choose to display the questions you have answered.
Badges also display your rank as well.

View live answer badge here
Yahoo Answers (main)
Yahoo Answers badge (may require login)

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Trying out MeCommerce from Good Storm

Decided to install the MeCommerce widget. (It's free and they share profits 50% and you set the price)
I wanted to see the customizations. Whether you can change the colors to match your blog and to see if the size was adjustable as well.
These options are all available in the set-up interface. You can also edit them in the script as well.
The widget loaded extremely well and did not seem to slow down the page at all.

This may be a nice alternative to context ads such as Yahoo, MSN etc...

view live MeCommerce Badge here
GoodStorm (main)
MECommerce (main)

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So you want to display your favorite feed.

RSS/Feeds are all the rage. They have been for awhile. You have decided to put an RSS widget on your blog. You want all of your readers to see what interests you. This is fun!
Until you run into the field that asks you for the "feed URL" Where are you going to find the "feed URL" ? It's not likely to be prominently displayed on the home page of your favorite blog. You will probably find buttons that say "subscribe to my feed" or "RSS" or any number of other things. But this still doesn't help you find the "feed URL" you need for your RSS widget.

There are ways to get the "feed URL"
1. email the webmaster for it (could take days).
2. click on the subscribe/RSS button and hope that the "feedURL" appears in your address bar.
3. download and use a "Feed Reader" then figure out how to add a "feed" then search for the "feed URL"
4. If you are using Firefox browser or a browser with similar RSS capabilities. Firefox lets you know if the blog/site you are currently at, has a feed. There is a small RSS button in the address bar. If you click on this it will ask if you want to" add this feed or some such" and it will ask you where (in Bookmarks) click ok. Now go to this "feed bookmark" right click on it and view the properties. There you will see the "feed URL" right click on the URL, then select all, right click on it again and select copy. Now go to your RSS widget and paste the "feed URL" into the field.

Now you just need add the code to your blogs html.

RSS widgets
spring box

Feed Readers
Great news
Blog Bridge
google search for feed readers

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've installed the "This Next" widget...

I have put the "This Next" widget/badge on my blog. In principal it's a good idea but the script dramatically slowed down Sitestuff.
This is no good!
What to do...
I like the idea behind the widget/badge but it think "This Next" needs to offer other widgets that don't suck bandwidth.
I suppose I could grab the FEED for my "This Next" favorites and drop it into one of the cookin' RSS box widgets found in the links on the right...hmmm...

view live This Next Badge here

Instead, I went to my "ThisNext" account and unchecked most of the widget/badge options. This boosted the speed alot...Now I won't complain about it anymore. But I still like the idea of offering other widget/badge options.

Secret option #3 I dropped the code into a Google pages page. This has less effect on the performance of SiteStuff

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Answerbag has a widget for your blog has the answer to Yahoo answers. I've never used "answer" that many times in a sentence before today. Anyhow, Answerbag, from the start, has some cool features. Number one in my book is the blog widget. You can see what people are asking and give answers from a blog widget. Any widget peaks my interest, but really functional widgets that require user interaction are my favorite. This is damn near an Answerbag badge. Who knows it might just be.

Answers are voted on to eliminate the crap and put a shine on the relevant, useful info. How can you go wrong with thousands of people giving you the truth. I believe that, in the future, sites like Answerbag will merge with social shopping sites like ThisNext.
Beware, the company, that puts out sub-standard products/service. Your time is almost over.

Widget example in left sidebar.

See live AnswerBag Badge here (main)
Answerbag widget (about)
Answerbag widget (code set-up)

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Friday, September 15, 2006

springbox--RSS ,scores,weather & clock widgets offers a widget engine and they claim it works on the desktop as well as the blog/site.

i've seen it and it looks attractive, especially if you have a dark theme for your blog. it seems as though you will be able to skin it at a later date. right now access is limited to the default skin. (as far as i can tell)

for the blog/site, every widget is an embeddable flash object with some standard customizations you need to make before you copy the script for your blog.

i don't have plans to download the widget engine for the desktop, as i have no interest in desktop widgets at this point. widgets need "more". they need to be more than a fancy distraction from what i love (wandering the swamp)

if, by some offhand chance the program on my machine would allow me to control the widget on my blog (no log in b.s.) then i will consider using it.

but for right's a nice looking, attractive addition to any blog.

see RSS widget in an actual blog at FLYING SEEDS
springbox (main)
springbox (blog widgets)
live on the edge (download)(win2000/xp only!)

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Some fun in reverse offers some online tools that can be very productive. One that I plan on using extensively in the near future is the "encode/decode html entities" what this tool does is allow you to easily post some html script/code in a text format with all of the characters intact. There are other tools there as well. But only one other that I have looked at.

"Reverse String" for some fun this tool will reverse any string of text that you input. an email to a friend--backwards, an email to an enemy--backwards, an email to your mom--backward etc...enjoy

"D" (main)

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

eggdisk---6gig FREE online storage

eggdisk, Free online hosting. Offers up 6,144 mb of online hosting/storage. Doesn't sound like much until you convert it to 6 gigs. Yes they offer 6 gigs of free online hosting with 150 mb file size limit.
This is incredible...they must have hijacked a shipment of servers to offer this.

I do think that adsense is paying for their lunch though.

p.s. if you blog about eggdisk they say you get another gig free...7 gigs...7 gigs...7 this blogging about it?

eggdisk blog


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What is Ning?

What is Ning? I read the descriptions and I still don't know exactly what a "social app" is. This is some sort of a fancy "you make it" survey. You design your "application" or cheat by cloning an app. Then you tell your friends. Now your friends all show up and create their own app. Yeah Ok, Next

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Reasons why Blogging using Firefox works

I believe, that as a Blog-er, I would be lost without Firefox. Firefox has so much to offer the Blog-er. Tabs alone would make this a far superior Blogging tool. But it appears as though all major browsers will now have tabbed browsing. So it comes down to the extensions.
this list is not in order of importance. It's just in a numbered format.

1. Tab-mix-plus -- for the little tweaks you can make to how the tabs operate and appear.
2. Context search -- Just for the ease of selecting text and searching it using any search engine you want. (this ties in with being able to add search engines to your search bar)
3. Customize Google -- Saves time when searching and also sometimes gives me something that I hadn't thought about.
4. I.E. tab -- Allows me to see how my slightly customized template appears to those using Internet Explorer.
5. CoLT -- This has become one of my favorites. It allows me to copy a link(URL) then it will turn it into an HTML formatted link so I can paste it into a sidebar. This eliminates a fair ammount of manual coding, which saves me time and makes me happy.

I have a few other extensions, but they don't really pertain to blogging.
Of course there are other features of Firefox that are just as important. Such as the

ability to re-organize the order of the tabs...

the ability to close a tab with a middle click...

the ability to add Digg to my search bar so I can see what others are talking about..

the ability to see a preview of my blog in tabs and quickly compare it to other previews to see what the coding change has done to the appearance.

The password manager (not perfect but it helps)

I can't think of any more. But if I do I may post them.

I am open to any suggestions you may have for extensions that enhance your Blogging experience. Please comment...

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Need a reminder?

Are you an RSS junkie? To the point that you can't remember to feed the cat. Not to mention your anniversary or...god forbid, Mom's birthday.
Well...ReminderFeed to the rescue!

ReminderFeed lets you feed yourself a reminder in your favorite feedreader. You can remind yourself once for an important occasion or daily so Fluffy won't shed any needed poundage.

...and the best part...

No subscription...No sign-up...No B.S.

Check it out


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Talk Digger--Emerging Web 2.0 app

TalkDigger is a WEB 2.0 app that lets users find, track and join conversations found on the internet.
It starts out as a search engine that you subscribe to. Then it morphed into a "conversation-search engine with tools that help to create communities around popular topics.
It may be regarded as comparable to Technorati...but with some different features.

"D" says..."all of the check it out"

here's a screen and a link

| ______ digg IT Adds Facebook Compatibility users can now display their photoblog on their Facebook account. This allows easy access to friends' photoblogs and the tagging of entries with friends.

"D" says...It's all about pictures now! How about "Musicblog"...oops now that I've said it, you should be able to do it within the hour. Hmmm, can you take a photo of music...and would sharing it be illegal?

Here's a photo and a link.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Answerbag bets the farm on widgets and an API

Online question and answer service Answerbag has released a new widget feature tonight and says it will out-do the Yahoo! Answers API in coming weeks. Q and A services are getting big, largely because search engines are unable to offer the succinct replies that other users can...

"D" says...Search engines are just machines. They eliminate common words and don't understand simple concepts such as...sarcasm...Duh!
I envision "Podcast people powered search"
ask your question in a "Podcast" Then someone who is smarter than you (maybe) listens to it and decides if you want a straight answer or some made up funny.

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Busta - The Web Based VoIP Widget

A "Voice 2.0" mash up of voice over IP and the web browser. This Widget installs into your Google/Yahoo/Whatever homepage and lets you make calls to and from your browser, both VoIP and PSTN, and send and receive SMS messages. Clever... read more

Busta details and screenshot

"D" will never have an excuse to be out of contact again!

digg story

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Facebook Creator admits "We really messed this one up."

Mark Zuckerberg: "Somehow we missed this point with Feed and we didn't build in the proper privacy controls right away. This was a big mistake on our part, and I'm sorry for it. But apologizing isn't enough. I wanted to make sure we did something about it, and quickly. So we have been coding nonstop for two days to get you better privacy."

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Popular Video sharing services - Analyzed and Compared

With the online video sharing market growing fast, This article takes a look at its popular services and how they compare with each other. A detailed list is provided to show you the differences between each service and a reccomendation is also provided.

"D" says...This site is very helpful if you plan on having a video or two on your blog/site. It did answer some of the questions I had about putting video on my blog.
Thumbs up!

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Web 2.0 - Seating Charts?

This blog post is a great write up of a new seating chart software option on the Web ( with screenshots. SeatingChart software on the web seems out of place in a landscape of myspace and facebook, but it looks cool. Uses ajax drag and drop as far as I can tell.

"D" says...I hope the kids' teacher isn't here (but I could use the hits) because their seating arrangement might get booted in favor of this "Online Tool" If it's FREE and easy to use, it may succeed.

p.s.Watch out, I think the bus driver was just here!

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Want to share HTML in your posts?

"D" says...I happened to find this sweet little "Online Tool" that says it encodes HTML so it can be posted on your blog/site posts. I assume this stops the code from doing it's code thing. It just sits there in your post waiting to be copied and pasted. I've looked for this in the past and never found it...must have searched poorly. just copy HTML you want to display on your blog/site...paste it in the box on , click the "encode" button then "recopy" the HTML from the box and then put it on your blog/site.

Here is a sample

Flickr Badge...

<!-- Start of Flickr Badge -->
<style type="text/css">
#flickr_badge_source_txt {padding:0; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif; color:#666666;}
#flickr_badge_icon {display:block !important; margin:0 !important; border: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0) !important;}
#flickr_icon_td {padding:0 5px 0 0 !important;}
.flickr_badge_image {text-align:center !important;}
.flickr_badge_image img {border: 1px solid black !important;}
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper {width:150px;}
#flickr_www {display:block; text-align:center; padding:0 10px 0 10px !important; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif !important; color:#3993ff !important;}
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:hover,
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:link,
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:active,
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper a:visited {text-decoration:none !important; background:inherit !important;color:#3993ff;}
#flickr_badge_wrapper {background-color:#ffffff;border: solid 1px #CCCCCC}
#flickr_badge_source {padding:0 !important; font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, Sans serif !important; color:#666666 !important;}
<table id="flickr_badge_uber_wrapper" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" border="0"><tr><td><a href="" id="flickr_www">www.<strong style="color:#3993ff">flick<span style="color:#ff1c92">r</span></strong>.com</a><
table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" border="0" id="flickr_badge_wrapper">
<script type="text/javascript" src="
<td id="flickr_badge_source" valign="center" align="center">
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr>
<td id="flickr_badge_source_txt">More <a href="">Flickr photos tagged with blog</a></td>
<!-- End of Flickr Badge -->

You should be able to copy this and paste it to your blog/site. This code produces a Flickr badge that displays random users images.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ninja text artist


"D" says...Now this rocks! How much fun can you have with this? And right in a post if you want!
There's also a Wizard text artist as well as other fun animated add-ons.
Check it out

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Building Your Blog's Community Using MyBlogLog

Thanks to the new MyBlogLog Community, you can now "see" visitors to your blog using a handy widget. Besides building your own blog community, you can also discover neighboring blog communities through your readers, who are likely to share similar interests as you!

"D" says...This is a cool tool and an awesome Widget for your blog. It has a FREE version as well as a paid version(FREE is GOOD) Try it out and tell us what you think.

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A few links to this blog.

I have just discovered a few links to this blog...and I'm just thrilled that bloggers out there have noticed my work.
Thank you for the support.
I'll be placing links to your works shortly...right now I need to walk the kids to their first day of school.

Quick link
Squidoo-Widget finder

If I have missed you...please let me know.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

MySpace MP3 Players

Choose your favorite player, add songs and get code. It's that simple.
Peeps who think our MP3 players are pretty cool: Eminem, Obie Trice, Shady Records, Universal Music Group, Jin and you obviously. ;)

"D" says...This could be a very cool feature if it can also be used in blogs other than Myspace. Nothing against Myspace...I just don't use it.

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Serendipity blog software

Serendipity is free (as in beer) blogging software that in my opinion is as good if not better than Wordpress.

"D" says...I went to the site and looked at what was offered...not bad for free hosting! Comes with alot of available "plug-ins" that enhance your page with both visual appeal and usability. Check it may be the first visit to your new home.

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Create a free blog with a cool URL

Do you want to have a blog but dont want it to be named myblog.wordpress or myblog.blogspot then you can now sign up for a free blog at and have instead. This sounds a litlle bit different and wouldn´t you want to stand out just a little bit.
The registration is very simple and there are a lot of different themes to choose from.

"D" says...blogmole? it's different and it may be cool who knows. I suggest giving it a look just to see what it's all about and then make a decision.

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Accessible JavaScript Newsticker

Putting together a JavaScript ticker to embed a display of the latest news in rotation on a website. Demo is at the bottom of the post.

"D" says... This is great, but you will need to host the code somewhere. So it doesn't fit into the Free category but it is a cool option for your site/blog.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Drive Traffic to Your Site with Zookoda Newsletters

Zookoda is more than just a typical email subscription management tool. Yes it lets you manage mailing lists with double opt-in subscribers, yes it lets you choose professional email templates, and yes it lets you broadcast messages to your subscribers either on a schedule or on-demand but it does even more by leveraging RSS/Atom technology.

"D" says...This sounds like an awesome tool to promote the rapid growth of your blog/site. I went out and found a site that has a flash demo to help you through the set up. Flash demo

title link and sidebar link to Zookoda

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