Thursday, September 21, 2006 is an fun widget. It's easy to use and FREE. Also there is no sign-up needed. You can register if you want to edit your "slide" or you can allways make a new one.
I had to make one and post the results. It was too easy. I'm used to wandering around a site trying to find what I'm looking for. Not this time. It was all right there easy to understand.
Slide also makes it very easy to load your custom slide to the platform of your choice. Such as MySpace, Blogger or a bunch of others. I assume you need to supply a username and password for this feature. I prefer to add the code myself and they make that easy as well.
I'd give five stars but everyone uses stars. How about five Butterscotch puddings? Hmmmm...that sounds good. (main) (create slide)

p.s. Before being able to put this in my post I had to close the embed tag. BEWARE this could take a half pudding.

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