Thursday, September 21, 2006

This Zebo doesn't have stripes

I saw Zebo at FLYING SEEDS

Zebo wants you to invite your friends using your gmail,MSN,Yahoo etc. login information. Thats scary.(they say it's not stored. It's just used to make your life easier) Hey here's my social security info and how about my DNA, finger prints, address etc...
The whole idea here is to show off the stuff you have. Then list the things that you want. I know what I want...I want the first thirty thieves to read this and then figure out where I am, then pay me a visit! (even though my stuff is pretty much worthless)
Yes, I signed up. Just to see the options and figure out if you could put their photo strip on a blog of your choice. After mucking around the site for a few I decided to quit and here is the parting message... (see pic)

Zebo (main)
Mashable Zebo opinion

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