Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Displaying HTML in a post. Second edition

Using the tools found at centricle.com you can "encode" HTML for display in a post.

Now we are going to put that code in a box. The size of the box is up to you. It should hold all of the HTML you put into it.

This is the "text area" box code (copy and paste it if you wish)

<textarea rows=5 cols=30>The information you want displayed in the box is simply inserted between the greater than/less than symbols. If I wanted to list a code for you to copy...this is how I would want to do it.</textarea></center>

the center tags just center the box in your post.
to adjust the size of the box simply adjust the numbers associated with "rows" and "cols"
your "encoded" HTML code needs to be placed between the angle brackets.(where text is now)
publish your post!

centricle.com HTML/encode
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